Finding new purpose for old furniture

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Susan Davidson said her love for the environment and world is the catalyst behind repurposing furniture and other items that would otherwise find their way to a landfill somewhere. It is one of the main reasons she started collecting antiques many years ago and has now opened Lazy Susan’s Antiques, Retiques and Repeats on Camden’s court square.

Davidson and her husband Tony Davidson, son of the late Elvin and Becky Johnson, relocated to Camden from Jacksonville, Fla. just after his mom passed away in 2016.
Davidson said it was the warm, welcoming small-town that immediately swayed her to bring her love of antiques to the area. “I am fascinated by antiques and I began buying stuff until I had multiple storage units filled to the brim with items,” she said. “I have a ton of stuff.”

On October 13, Davidson turned her dream into a reality when Lazy Susan’s opened in the building that formerly housed Saturday’s Bargain store.

The shop offers everything from furniture and clothing items to sport’s paraphernalia. Davidson said that the store is set up in a way that items keep circulating through, so each week there will be different items to shop. “We want there to be something unique and new each time a shopper comes in,” she stated.

One only has to sit a moment with the exuberant owner to know that she has a plethora of ideas for not just her store, but the entire court square community. “I want to make this a gathering place,” she smiled. “I want to offer a festive, fun environment to all who stop in.” She said she also wants to bring various holiday events to the area, as well.

Not just a retail store, Davidson said her desire is to eventually offer arts and craft classes to the public. “The sky is the limit for us here,” she said. “We have so much to offer the people in Benton and surrounding Counties and we just want them to enjoy spending time with us. If we do not have what someone is looking for, we will most likely be able to find it. We still have multiple storage units full of furnishings that will eventually find their way here.”

Davidson finished by saying that if anyone has furniture that they need to donate, she would take it because she would rather see it refurbished and find new life then see it thrown out to exacerbate the ever-expanding landfill issue.

Shop or donate at Lazy Susan’s Antiques, Retiques and Repeats, by visiting them on Camden’s court square.

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