Fast action saved lives

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Fast responses by police officers in Dayton, Ohio apparently saved many lives.

Officers reportedly responded to gunshots within 20 seconds of the first shot and a half a minute later officers fatally shot the shooter who was said to be about to enter a night club a little after 1 a.m. Sunday.

The shooter was armed with a couple of magazines that each held 100 rounds but thankfully did not get to use them all.

Some may cry for a ban on firearms to solve shootings like this. To me, it seems it should be the opposite plea. Why not put more firearms in the hands of people on the street who could quickly fire back in such a case as this?

If I were to want to go on a shooting spree, I would do it where I thought there would be very few people who were armed, like schools or malls or maybe a festival.

Reports say he bought the gun he used legally from a gun dealer who found it online.

I may be telling my age, but in the “old days” if someone had a beef with someone they would go behind the building or the stadium and duke it out in a fist-fight. Sometimes large crowds would gather round to watch the action.

In the much older (western) days, arguments were settled by a duel at high noon. Each party had adequate chances.

It seems like a cowardly act to me for someone to just start randomly shooting into a crowd of defenseless people.

I do not advocate gun control. Neither am I a fan of assault rifles like the one used in the El Paso shootings.

To me, it seems to be more of a morality problem. Most schools are required to teach that we came from apes who evolved from single-cell organisms that were created in a “big bang” somehow. Government says we must remove God and any form of religion from public places. Could this just maybe have something to do with the apparent disrespect for human lives?

What is your opinion? I would like to know (please leave politics out of this).

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