Family features five generations

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About 26 years ago, members of Shirley Kirk’s family posed for a “five generations” photo that ran in the newspaper. Recently, Kirk and her family took time to pose for another photo showing five generations of women in the same family.
In 1996, Kirk assembled her mother the late Ruby Turney, her daughter Delba Gula, her granddaughter Connie Riggs, and her great granddaughter Taylor Reid – then a baby – to pose for the five generations photo. The photo meant a lot to Kirk, and she kept a newspaper clipping of the photo for all these years.
In 2022, Kirk once again assembled the women of her family for a photo. In the recent photo, Kirk’s great granddaughter Taylor is now a mother herself, and her daughter Mela Merrell – Kirk’s great great granddaughter – is the youngest in the photo.
Thank you to the women of the Kirk family for sharing these five generation photos with The Camden Chronicle!

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