December 3, 2022

Fall means holidays approaching

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Fall officially began Monday, Sept. 23 according to our calendars. It ends on Dec. 21 just in time for Christmas.

Although we are just past Labor Day this is the time of the year where it seems one holiday follows the other in rapid succession.

Football season is in full swing on all levels but next month brings Halloween, then the next one (after the time change where we get an extra hour of sleep) is Thanksgiving and then Christmas and New Year’s. It seems like bang-bang-bang, out of one and into the next.

I am not a frequent shopper but if this year is like those in the past, Christmas decorations and gift items will be on display well in advance of the October and November events.
Personally, I like to enjoy each one on its own merits. One at a time.

But wait, our pool is still open and with the warm temperatures it is is tough to think of closing it for the winter. After all, didn’t we just open it? No, that was a few months back, in the month of May. Closing the pool time is coming up soon, though.

There are a lot of fans of Halloween and many enjoy dressing up like something else during this time. I try not to be a “killjoy” but Halloween didn’t become so much fun when we got older, saw our kids grow up and then moved away from the main traffic of trick-or-treaters.

We try to stay off the roads but those who must drive are reminded to be especially careful of pedestrians wearing “spooky” attire who are out for what treats their goodie bags will hold.

Still, Halloween is about five weeks away.

I admit that I am a fan of warmer weather. While I enjoy the crisp cooler fall days and the events that come along with it, I do not look forward to the bitter cold of winter.

Some say that the spoon-shape designs making up the core of the persimmon seeds means a lot of snow is on the way. But like the groundhog, persimmon seeds are accurate only 25 percent of the time. More accurate predictions can be made by flipping a coin.

The next few months will be as good (or bad) as we make them. Enjoy and “read more newspapers”.

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