Exercising After 50: Everything You Need to Know

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There are plenty of benefits to working out. However, as you get older, it becomes harder to hit the gym every day—even though staying fit is imperativeWhile it is still important to exercise, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Here’s everything you need to know about exercising after 50.  

Exercising after 50

Don’t Go Too Hard 

One thing you need to come to terms with right away is the fact that you can’t push yourself as much as you used to. This means you will want to avoid heavy weights, sprinting, and other physically demanding exercises. Your body cannot handle the intensity it used to; however, this doesn’t mean you will become weaker.  

Stretch Often 

Exercising after 50 also calls for stretching far more than you may have in the pastNext Avenue suggests you will want to stretch after every workout, and then some. It is important for your body to remain as flexible as you age. Stretching will also help with recovery, which only gets harder as you get older.  

Consider Resistance Training 

Instead of lifting heavy weights and doing intense cardio, consider taking up resistance training. Focus less on the amount of weight you’re lifting and more on movements. You can still use weights and perform cardio, but you will not be doing it as much as you used to.  

Take More Rest Days 

As we become wiserwe begin to realize that we need more days to recover in-between workouts. Take a day off after every workout. Your rest days are just as important as the days your workout—you do not want to overwork your body because it may result in injury.  

Always Warm Up 

Warming up before a workout is incredibly important; you want to get your blood pumping a bit before you proceed with the rest of your workout. Do some light cardio like walking and work in some stretches beforehand.  


Regular exercise and a balanced diet are one of the best ways to avoid future health complications that only become more prominent as you get older. Make sure you listen to your body and put in the appropriate amount of work in to remain fit and healthy.

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