Essential Tips for Making Homemade Candy

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Essential Tips for Making Homemade Candy

Homemade candy is delicious and fairly simple to make. However, slight errors can throw off the taste of your treats. Fortunately, we’re here to help you. Check out our essential tips for making homemade candy.

Purchase the Right Tools

Think of candy-making as an art. The only way to produce quality candy is by using the right tools. A candy thermometer, molds, and heavy-duty saucepans can help you make delicious treats. You can also purchase additional tools that will prevent candy-making mistakes. For example, using a pastry brush to wipe sugar from the sides of a pan is a way to keep your hard candy from becoming grainy. Since every candy is different, take note that you may need different types of tools.

Pre-Measure Your Ingredients

The candy-making process is fast, so you’ll need to add all the ingredients at a fast pace. The best way to keep up with this strict time demand is by pre-measuring your ingredients. That way, you won’t have to stop and measure things or worry about adding the wrong ingredients. Pre-measuring is a huge time saver.

Wear Heavy-duty Oven Mitts

Heavy-duty oven mitts are important components of candy making. Cooking with sugar at high temperatures can be dangerous and result in severe burns if you’re not careful. You can prevent burns on your hands and forearms by wearing heavy-duty oven mitts. They’ll catch drips of hot sugar as you transfer the hot saucepans and pots from your stove’s burners.

Always Use Fresh Ingredients

When you make homemade candy, always use fresh ingredients. Sugar is the main ingredient in candy, so designate a fresh bag of sugar for candy-making purposes. If you use sugar that you also use for other recipes, it’ll tamper your candy. You don’t want anything that can mess up the composition of your candy; using fresh ingredients is always the best route.

Homemade candy tastes wonderful—and, even better, it’s also very easy to make. You must be careful, however, to avoid making slight errors that can negatively affect the final result. Before making candy, always refer to our essential tips for making homemade candy. We know your treats will turn out great!

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