Essential Gear Every Dirt Bike Rider Should Have

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Essential Gear Every Dirt Bike Rider Should Have

Riding a dirt bike is messy, rowdy, rough, and thrilling. Adults and children who love the sport know they cannot race or ride without their gear. Most of the essential gear every dirt bike rider should have is non-negotiable and crucial for overall safety in the sport. Before hopping on the trails, let’s look at some essential items to invest in!

Full-Face Helmet

The most significant thing you can invest in is a full-face helmet that is also DOT-approved. These helmets comply with ATV and motorcycle safety standards, providing maximum protection when you’re riding a dirt bike.

If the helmet is open-face, you risk severe consequences should you experience an accident or kickback while on the dirt bike. For young riders who are still growing and have developing facial features, a full-face helmet is a top priority because it ensures optimal safety.

Gripping Gloves

A pair of quality gloves will help you grab onto the handlebars and manage the dirt bike. Make sure you invest in a pair with rubberized grip technology and a leather body structure for durability. Another aspect of choosing suitable gloves is ensuring they have reinforcements near the seams or knuckles so that, in the event of an accident, your hands have added protection.

Riding Goggles

An excessive amount of dirt and debris flies at your face during a ride. Investing in decent goggles will save your eyes from injury. Goggles are an integral part of your safety, and you won’t enjoy your dirt biking experience if you constantly have to clean your face. Ensure the goggles fit over your helmet and are secure.

Dirt Bike Pants

There are so many things to learn when you think about getting your child into dirt biking, but when acquiring gear, ensure you and your child have the right bottoms. Pants are the one thing that stands between the rider and the ground any time there is a serious accident. Dirt bike pants have built-in reinforcements near the knees and waist, in addition to the flexible material and moisture-wicking properties.

Dirt Bike Boots

Riding boots are another critical piece of gear you should invest in. Quality dirt bike boots will feature the durability of leather and strong ankle supports. Your feet need protection from debris, the bike’s engine, or an accident, and wearing plain sneakers puts you at extreme risk. Ensure the boots feature secure buckle straps to allow for optimal security inside the boot.

Parents should consider finding a pair of gently used riding boots for younger riders, as children’s feet are always growing. If your child is prone to outgrowing their footwear each season, investing in used pairs can help reduce the costs of gear while still offering protection. Try to avoid buying boots that are too big, as the poor fit can cause accidents.

With this quick guide to the essential gear for dirt bike riders, you or your athlete will be ready to take on any track or challenge. Remember to put safety first any time you have to make a decision.

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