December 3, 2022

Effective Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Home

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Our homes should serve as an oasis of relaxation. However, sounds of traffic, noisy pipes, or rowdy neighbors can make peace and quiet hard to come by. If unwanted noise is keeping you up at night or causing you frustration, you don’t have to suffer through it. While you can’t necessarily control your surroundings, you can improve your home’s ability to block and absorb noise. Here are some effective ways to reduce noise in your home so that you can get the peace and quiet you deserve.

Roll out a rug

One of the easiest ways to reduce noise in your home is to roll out a few rugs. If you have hardwood or tile flooring, a thick floor rug can reduce the noise that travels between stories of your home. For extra sound-reducing power, consider adding a density rug pad beneath your rugs as well.

Install open-cell spray foam insulation

Another effective way to reduce noise in your home is by installing open-cell spray foam insulation in the walls, floors, and ceiling. In addition to preventing the flow of heat into and out of your home, open-cell spray foam insulation also serves as a quality sound barrier. When installed in interior or exterior walls, the air-tight seal provided by open-cell spray foam insulation reduces both airborne noise and flanking noise, which occurs inside of walls from things like plumbing.

Fill in the gaps

If outside noises, such as traffic or noisy neighbors, are the main source of your disquiet, one of the best ways to regain your peace is by filling any gaps under doors—especially entryways.

Because sound travels on air, small gaps under or around your front door can significantly increase the amount of unwanted outside noise in your home. By using a thick weatherproofing strip to seal off your front door, you can stop noise in its tracks and prevent it from invading your space. Plus, you’ll also prevent insects and other pests from sneaking inside as well.

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