December 3, 2022

Dispelling rumors

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Rumors have been circulating throughout the county over the last two weeks from the landfill to the animal shelter and the newest addition to the county government. Benton County Mayor Brett Lashlee, was very straightforward when addressing the issues.

Starting with a hot topic subject, the Benton County Animal Shelter, the mayor was direct. Lashlee said on Monday that the animal shelter has not euthanized one single animal, nor have any animals perished since the new management has taken over.

Next, he covered the Benton County Ambulance Service contract. “Our ambulance service contract is the lowest cost, highest efficiency in the history since the hospital was sold to West Tennessee Healthcare. There would not be any cause to look for services elsewhere,” Lashlee responded.

Finally, regarding the speculation surrounding the private landfill serviced by Waste Management closing later this year, Lashlee said there is absolutely no truth to that rumor. “I believe someone is confused by the final closing of the defunct Environmental Waste Management landfill in December. That has nothing to do with our landfill which has a firm contract with the county.”

Lashlee says there is big news on the horizon for the county and hopes to put unfounded gossip behind his administration and stay focused on positive elements of moving Benton County forward.

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