Different Things You Can Bake for Your Friends and Family

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Different Things You Can Bake for Your Friends and Family

There’s nothing better than bringing a warm and freshly baked good to a friend or family member. As you watch them unwrap the sweet treat you made with your own hands, you feel happiness at their enjoyment. It’s also likely that your friends and family love that they have someone in their lives who they can rely on to make them a delicious baked good. However, it makes sense that you want to switch it up now and then. Find out some of the different things you can bake for your friends and family.

Make a Meringue

If you’re used to making sweet and doughy concoctions but are ready to take it up and notch, you might consider a meringue. A meringue is a more challenging baked good that requires closer attention to detail. You make a meringue by whipping egg whites until they become foamy. Then, you must carefully bake the egg whites, keeping an eye on the temperature and timing as they cook.

Go Old School

What’s more classic and old school than a pie? One of the most popular fruit pies in America is none other than cherry pie. Because these pies are so classic, many of us don’t tend to consume them too much. That’s why your family and friends might find it a pleasant surprise when you show up with a classic pie. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with cherry; you can also try your hand at apple, rhubarb, or blackberry pies.

Try a Tart

Many people enjoy the sweet freshness that a tart provides. That’s why a tart is a different thing you can make for your friends and family. These sweet treats are similar to a pie in that it has a crust with a custard filling. However, once you bake that crust and filling, you will adorn the tart with a variety of seasonal fresh fruit. The best part is that you can use any fruit you like, and it will still taste amazing.

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