February 7, 2023

Deer donations needed to meet county need

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Sheriff Kenny Christopher said he already has begun to receive calls asking if processed deer meat is available to be distributed to area citizens, a benefit of BCSO’s Sharing the Bounty program. The official start date for the program this fall will be Saturday, Nov. 7.

The program started in the 2017 hunting season as a new way to rehabilitate Benton County Jail inmates and provide food for local residents, especially during lean winter months. Over the past three years, it has been a great success and a real benefit to many homes in the community.

“Our Sharing the Bounty program is ready to get started again for another season,” Christopher said. “We need as many deer as we can possibly get. We only ask that hunters dropping off their kills stop by the lobby first before driving around back. We want to be sure the drop off process is safe for everyone.”

The sheriff said that check-in times are from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., every day of the week. The BCSO is ready to accept donations today, as soon as hunters are willing to bring them in.

“It is easy to help us,” Christopher said. “Come to the Sheriff’s Office front door, where you will be directed how to get to the processing building that is located on-site. We do ask that the deer be harvested that day or the evening before with a confirmation number from the TWRA confirming your kill.”

He furthered, “All meat obtained from the deer will be processed by the inmates and will be given to the needy families in our county.”

Christopher finished by saying, “We will keep the community posted on giveaway days. In the meantime, if you are aware of anyone who could use some meat on their table we ask you to call the department at 731-584-4632. We appreciate each hunter who donates, and hope that they know they are helping to feed families in Benton County.”

Since the program started in the fall of 2017, hundreds of deer have been processed through the program and the meat distributed to area families. Christopher hopes to see more donations than ever this year.

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