DAR meets with State Regent

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JOINT MEETING – In a joint meeting of the Glover’s Trace and Old Reynoldsburgh Chapters of the DAR, some of those present included (from left) Laura LaCanne, Luwana Bawcum-Belcher, Belinda Clarke, State Regent Emily Robinson, Thelma Traut, Cindy Vogt, and Cassandra Cooper.

The Glover’s Trace (Camden) Daughters of the American Revolution chapter had a joint meeting with our neighboring chapter in Waverly. The joint meeting was especially fitting since Benton County was originally a part of Humphreys County.

The name of the Waverly DAR chapter is “Old Reynoldsburgh,” which is the name of the first courthouse serving both Humphreys and Benton counties.

We were honored to have our State Regent Emily Robinson as our program speaker. Robinson was joined by State Organizing Secretary Dianna Callaway and State Treasurer Helen Moore. Robinson described the major projects of her administration:

Tennessee Patriot Book – This is a book being written by DAR daughters about their ancestors who lived within the current boundaries of Tennessee before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. Do you know a patriot from Tennessee?

Blanket Tennessee in Love – Daughters will be making or purchasing quilts, baby blankets, fidget blankets, and lap blankets that will then be donated. The goal is for everyone from babies to veterans to be covered with love and comfort.

Celebrating the Tennessee State Poem – Did you know that Tennessee had a state poem? “Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee” is its name. Commander William Porter Lawrence composed the poem during his captivity in Hanoi as a prisoner during the Vietnam War. Lawrence’s aircraft was shot down during a bombing run, and he and his copilot were captured.

Lawrence was imprisoned from 1967 until his release in 1973. During captivity, he composed the poem in his head, thinking the small piece of sky he could see from his cell reminded him of his home in Tennessee. When released, he wrote the poem down and presented it to Governor Winfield Dunn. The Tennessee State Legislature adopted “Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee” as the official state poem.

Robinson’s symbol is a beautiful imperfect heart, as we may not be perfect, but we are prefect when we work together in our purpose with love for God, home, and country. DAR members are full of heart.

To learn more about Glover’s Trace DAR, contact Thelma Traut at 731-584-0721 or at [email protected].

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