Dangerous Yet Rewarding Careers To Consider

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Dangerous Yet Rewarding Careers To Consider

Sometimes the salary for a job doesn’t compute with the amount of work involved. In most cases, people feel underpaid, but if anyone works in these dangerous yet rewarding careers, they deserve every last cent.

A Police Officer

It’s a frightening premonition that your next day at work may be your last, but that’s true if you are a police officer. If you laugh in the face of fear, then you can have a rewarding life, considering that police officers make well above the national median salary.

Coming in at around $55,000 a year, it might be worth the dangers of the job, especially as you gain more experience. You can move up the ranks or transfer to another department where you could make up to six figures.

Machine Operator

Not unexpectedly, using the Earth’s resources may drain your well-being. Machine operators that make up a wide group of employees that work in the oil, gas, and coal industry make a good chunk of change, particularly when the education requirements are modest.

But with the hazards that are possible in this industry, you’re rolling the dice. These laborers often miss approximately a month of work because of injury or illness.

Certified Welder

Welders confront potentially fatal threats every day they report for work. Real and present hazards include electrocution, fire and explosion, burns, electric shock, visual loss, inhalation of dangerous gases and fumes, and exposure to extreme UV radiation. Aside from the obvious threats that welding poses, welders must also be mindful of the risks within their work environment, such as performing their activity in a tight, enclosed place, or even underwater.

Licensed Electrician

With so many items requiring electricity at home and work, licensed electricians have no shortage of opportunities. However, this vocation has its detractors.  Falls are the most common cause of injury among electricians. If you can stay on your feet, you may expect to earn 43 percent more than the national median. That’s hardly unexpected given how much time they spend on building sites and on ladders.

Registered Nurse

By enduring the COVID-19 pandemic, registered nurses are prime examples of a dangerous yet rewarding career. The dangers are obvious, especially when you consider how nurses are constantly surrounded by contagion. But nurses make nearly 90% more than the average working citizen. Unlike the previous occupations, higher education is a must, but when the average salary is hovering around $90,000, this career is worth the time and effort.

These dangerous yet rewarding careers worth considering have their pros and cons. But if making a good living is your end game, then it might be worth exploring one of these fields.

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