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Creative Screen-Free Road Trip Activities for Kids

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Creative Screen-Free Road Trip Activities for Kids

If you have children, road trips are the best way to travel. Unlike an airplane, you can pack more than you need and include fun little surprises for the kids. Today, technology is a part of life, and kids are experts at it. Still, one of the benefits of the long car ride together is getting them off the screens for a while and enjoying some conversation. Are you planning a family road trip soon or wondering how it’s possible with kids? If so, follow along as we look at creative screen-free road trip activities for kids.

Using Coloring Books

We never outgrow a good coloring page. No matter your children’s age, there is a coloring book to suit them. Even teenagers enjoy adult coloring books with intricate designs and details. Choose one for each child and include coloring materials, such as colored pencils, that can’t cause any damage to the car.

Reading a Book

Since screen time is often the activity of choice for children, books have taken a backseat. Sure, they read on their screens, but the art of looking at paper pages instead can be relaxing. Make getting a new book an exciting event for the kids. Set them free in a bookstore and tell them you’ll buy whichever book they choose (set your limits, of course) as long as they read it on the trip.

Getting an Education

Think about how much children can learn on a road trip from state to state. There are fun activity books for kids of all ages that they can use to look for certain things while traveling, such as wildlife, flags, and license plates. Without a book, you can also come up with your own questions and ideas.

Consider going off-road and into towns to find historical markers and unique state items. Ask the kids to describe each state flag as they enter new states, and then at the end of the trip, ask them which state flags are the most memorable to them. You might be surprised at how much they learn and remember without realizing they’re getting an education while having fun.

Playing Car Games

Load up on simple car games and ideas so there is a variety. Here are some popular car games to enjoy with kids:

  • License plate bingo: Using bingo cards with state license plate designs, you cross off a plate as you see them until someone wins bingo.
  • The alphabet game: Choose a letter, and everyone finds objects that start with that letter.
  • Storytime: One person starts a story, and then you take turns going around and adding to it.
  • The animal game: Take turns searching for and pointing out different animals.

You’ll make amazing memories with the entire family by using these creative, screen-free road trip activities for kids.

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