Country Chic Interior Design

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Country chic interior design is the perfect way to make your house feel more like a home. With staples like reclaimed wood, worn furniture, and minimal decoration, this cost-effective style is as practical as it is cozy. Take a look at these four country chic interior design elements to start turning your house into a charming farmland living space.
Wooden elements are a staple of any country chic home. We suggest implementing exposed beams, wood paneling, and wooden floorboards. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, consider hanging wallpaper with a wood paneling print. Wooden accents throughout the house, such as barn doors, reclaimed wood shelving, and classic wooden furniture are also less costly options.
Of course, no country chic kitchen is complete without a farmhouse kitchen table. Either purchase a long wooden table or just throw a checkered tablecloth over the one you have for an easy fix. Wooden bench seating is a great way to complete the look and is perfect for large families or for entertaining guests.
Country chic is all about keeping things natural. When decorating, go for neutral colors like whites, cremes, beiges, and browns, but don’t be afraid to add some brighter accent colors. Block coloring is a great way to add impact to a neutral room. If you’re looking for an easy way to brighten up your space, consider painting old stools, chairs, or tables with a bright color. As for furniture and decorations, stick to linen upholstery and rugs made of organic materials to maintain that rustic feel. If you love patterns, look for floral or checkered designs.
Picking up some worn, simple furniture from thrift stores or flea markets is the perfect way to create this cozy look. Your space should look effortlessly thrown together and a little eclectic. Think mismatched furniture, handles, and knobs. Embrace imperfection and try to avoid furniture that looks new and pristine. Scratches, bumps, and dents are all characteristics of an authentic country chic home. For the final touches, add some wood to your firepit or a pot of tea on the stove to make your home look comfy and ready to entertain family and friends.
Bordering on minimalism, everything in your country chic home should have a purpose. Look for large furniture that has plenty of room for storage, such as armoires. Consider open-display cabinets where items can be easily reached and wicker baskets for additional storage. Keep decorations minimal—very few things in your country chic home should be for show. If you want to add more decoration to your space, we recommend a nice embroidered tapestry, plants, or flowers.

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