Council adopts policy for employees exposed to virus


With the August 6 election over, the excessive size of political signs is no longer a pressing concern. But, that did not keep the Camden City Council from moving forward to approve a new ordinance that requires non-conforming political signs to be removed within 72 hours of notice.

The new ordinance decreases the notice time from 30 to 3 days, allowing the city to take action much more quickly in the event that a non-conforming sign is posted. Political signs within the city limits are not allowed to be larger than 32 square feet in size.

Because the problem will be ongoing, the group reviewed and adopted a new policy to utilize in regard to potential exposure of employees to active cases of COVID-19. The policy to which the city will adhere was developed by the Tennessee Department of Health. 

Under the new COVID-19 policy, any city employee who has come into close, prolonged contact with an infected person must quarantine for 14 days. Those designated as “critical infrastructure employees” may be permitted to work following potential exposure provided that they are asymptomatic and adhere to strict practices to protect others and assess their health each day. More specific details can be obtained from Camden City Hall.

Mayor Roger Pafford reported that the FY20-21 budget was approved by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office, allowing Camden to proceed with the new budget that adopted the new state certified property tax rate at $0.938.

Aldermen approved a motion to place a notice to accept bids to privatize the city’s sanitation services. Although specifications are not finalized, the city intends to solicit a vendor that will continue to collect trash two days a week, provide trash cans for customers’ use, hire Camden trash collectors eligible to continue in their jobs, and purchase from the city any existing assets such as collection trucks at fair market value.

The Camden Fire Department was approved to seek bids for a replacement Air Pac. The aldermen also approved for all departments that need new uniforms to seek bids for ordering more.

On the final business of the night, aldermen voted to allow the mayor to negotiate a potential sale price with the property owner of the proposed site for the water treatment plant reconstruction that the city is planning. This negotiation will not obligate a purchase, but will move the project in that direction.