December 3, 2022

Common Bugs You May Find in Your House

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Home should be a place to unwind—not a place where you have to be constantly vigilant due to the presence of repulsive or potentially harmful insects. It’s near impossible to rid your home of every last unwanted arthropod that covertly makes its way inside, but you should definitely treat cases where they’ve multiplied or where they’re doing visible damage to your home or your health. Learn about some common bugs you may find in your house so that you can work to remove them.


These slippery segmented vermin aren’t going to harm you directly, but they can get into and ruin your belongings and certain edibles such as cereal, as their appetite covers a lot of different materials. You’ll find them in dark places such as boxes, cabinets, and drawers as well as out in the open on the walls or floor. One of the main ways to stop them from multiplying in your home is to reduce the spaces in which they can reside. Close up and seal containers around the house, and don’t let papers and other junk pile up untouched for too long.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are small and round with splotched brown or black coloration on their shells. The adults don’t do much to bother you besides look gross, but their larvae—which appear as fuzzy, short brown worms—are another story. They feast on all sorts of fabrics, including furniture, curtains, rugs, and clothes. You should vacuum affected areas and wash and dry-clean any clothes on which you spot them. Insecticides will kill them off for larger items such as rugs.


Bees have less of a creep factor than many other common bugs you may find in your house, but they can still be scary thanks to their ability to sting. They may build nests on or around your home in cracks and crevices on the walls or roof. You should therefore seal up holes on your home’s exterior and keep your yard tidy to make it less attractive to any scout bees that could bring a new hive into the area. If you currently have bees in your home, call a professional bee removal service that can safely take them away. This isn’t a type of bug you want to make angry by trying to deal with it on your own.

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