Collectibles That Also Make for Good Investments

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Collectibles That Also Make for Good Investments

Are you looking to diversify your financial portfolio with something more interesting and fun than stocks or bonds? There’s never been a better time to enter the collectible market, and we’ll show you some fun collectibles that also make for good investments!

Sports Memorabilia

Whether you’re an avid sports fan or don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a home run, sports memorabilia is one of the most lucrative and competitive collectible markets today. The recent surge of interest appeared during the pandemic in 2020 when many people took up the hobby of sports trading cards, and sales skyrocketed.

Even years later, there’s still a huge interest and hunger and sports trading cards; some fetch thousands or even millions. It’s similar to stocks—you buy cards based on potential and swap and sell them to extract value wherever you can.

Classic Cars

Everyone knows that buying a brand-new car is one of the worst investments one can make—it loses a major chunk of its value the instant you drive it off the lot. With classic cars, it’s a different story; the right vehicle can be a sizable investment with a big payoff.

A classic car kept in mint condition can ascend in value exponentially as it grows in rarity and age. Or you can take a worn-out classic, put some elbow grease into it with a restoration, and sell it at a higher price—like flipping a house! The potential financial investment payoff is one of the best reasons you should start collecting classic cars.

Investment-Grade Wine

Like sports trading cards, the hobby of collecting and investing in antique and rare wines grew staggeringly during the pandemic years. Whether you love wine or can hardly tell the difference between a bottle of white or red, the potential returns on investment are remarkable.

Collecting and storing wine takes a little more investment than a trading card, but many people make a living buying and selling wines. Plus, you can rely on professional sommeliers who offer their services to collectors and digital resources like Vinovest, which provides valuable knowledge for investors.


Do you have a box of old toys or action figures sitting in a box in your basement or storage unit somewhere? Besides their emotional value to you personally, they may also be valuable collectibles to the right buyers!

Toy collecting is a lucrative collectible market, and many types of toys can fetch a heavy sum at an auction, like:

  • LEGO sets
  • Action figures
  • Barbie dolls
  • Funko Pops
  • Toy cars
  • Board games

That old G.I. Joe action figure you still have in the box could be worth thousands!

Or, like trading cards and wine, you can join the market and start buying, trading, and selling retro toy sets. Your parents may have thought they were junk, but now those old figures are a collectible that can make for a good investment!

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