Clever Ways To Make Your Rental Property More Attractive

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Clever Ways To Make Your Rental Property More Attractive

If you own a rental property, you know the market is becoming more competitive. Between short-term rental services and the fluctuating housing market, more young adults are looking to rent than buy. However, with increasing popularity and competitiveness, you need to make your space catch the attention of potential renters.

Making your space stand out from the rest typically requires modern upgrades and more space, which can come with a large expense. For those looking to cash in on their properties, here are clever ways to make your rental property more attractive.

Upgrade Your Knobs

You can tell what year someone built a building or home by looking at the fixtures and doorknobs. Switch out your doorknobs around the house for more sleek and modern knobs. You can even add designer knobs in the bathroom or kitchen to create a creative look for the space.

Paint the Walls

A simple way to make your rental property more attractive is to add color to the walls. Painting the walls or adding an accent wall is an effective way to make your rental property attractive to potential leasers. However, there’s a thin line between decorative and overwhelming.

Be mindful of your chosen colors, and be lenient if a tenant wants to change it or strip the wallpaper. Giving your walls an upgraded coat of paint will help make your space feel brand new. You can always use wall art to make your space more attractive, but you will want to use the correct type of fasteners to prevent damaging the walls.

Redo the Bathroom(s)

The bathroom is the main hub for self-care, selfies, and relaxation. You want the bathroom to be modern yet comfortable. But how can someone achieve the perfect atmosphere with outdated fixtures and decorative features? Upgrading the shower head, adding a full-length mirror, and creating a removable backsplash will add value to the property and attract more people to consider your rental space. You want the bathroom to feel like an expensive spa or luxurious room.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Plants

If your property has a reliable source of natural lighting, one of the best things you can add is plants to your space. Adding low-maintenance plants to the outside or inside of your property is a quick way to create a productive and welcoming element to the room. Giving your tenants a plant as a welcoming gift will also give you a good reputation as a property owner.

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