CJH celebrates Constitution Day all week long

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WINNERS – The 7th grade class of Amanda Herndon earned the most points in the scavenger hunt by finding the most correct answers in the U.S. Constitution.

Camden Junior High Students had a fun week participating in a Constitution Scavenger Hunt for the week surrounding Constitution Day, Sept. 17. Students in grades 6-8 participated.

Vice Principal Corey Christopher and eighth grade social studies teacher Lori Ward collaborated to create a scavenger hunt to help students celebrate Constitution Day and to teach the importance of this document to the whole student body. 

Starting Monday, Sept. 12, all students were provided with their own copy of the U.S. Constitution by Mr. Christopher. They were given two mornings to prepare for the scavenger hunt by familiarizing themselves with the layout, content, and meaning of the Constitution. 

PLANNERS – Social studies teacher Lori Ward and Vice Principal Corey Christopher planned the CJH Constitution Scavenger Hunt.

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Christopher announced the first question of the day prepared by Mrs. Ward. There were five chances to win each day, and questions were asked each morning through Wednesday, Sept. 21. 

Classrooms had to find the answers in their copies of the Constitution, write the answer and cite the page number of where the answer was located, and get that answer to assorted different destinations within the school each day. Points were given to the first five classrooms to deliver the correct answer. 

Throughout the week, it was exciting to see the competition and student participation while students became more familiar with our nation’s most important document! Students seemed to have a lot of fun while also learning so much about the importance of the Constitution.

When the final results were tallied, and the top five classrooms receiving rewards for the most points were named. The top five classes in the CJH Constitution Scavenger Hunt were: 

1st: Mrs. Herndon, 7th grade 

2nd: Mrs. Terry, 8th grade

3rd: Mrs. Rogers, 8th grade

4th: Mrs. Laux, 6th grade

5th: Mr. Sturdivant, 7th grade

All the staff, teachers, and administrators at CJH congratulate these hard-working groups of students! CJH looks forward to repeating this activity again next year for Constitution Day.

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