Christmas decorations

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The rule in our family is “no Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving is officially over. One celebration at a time.”
We have finished off the last of the Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and Sunday afternoon dug out the Christmas decorations. The home is now festive with a lot of Christmas décor and lights so I guess we are officially into that season.
Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. We are planning some good family get-togethers. Those always make it special no matter what time of the year it is.
While I must say that our little 30 inch Christmas tree is the smallest that I can remember, it really looks good sitting on top of the table where the piano once was. The piano now resides with a granddaughter who has begun taking piano lessons.
The larger 6-foot tree has not been officially retired. It remains in the downstairs storage room still adorned with all the decorations from the last three years. I planned it that way so that each Christmas all I had to do was grab it and lug it up the stairs and set it up – all decorated and ready.
That tree may make its resurgence next Christmas so I guess we can say it is on vacation. It may actually be reactivated soon if we decide to do more with the downstairs apartment.
Remembering all the intricacies of how we wired the lighted wreaths on the outside windows took a little time but they are all out there and lit thanks to Matthew’s help. (This time I supervised).
Now it is down to putting the final touches on the Christmas list. We have too much “stuff, so this Christmas Lisa and I just want our families to be together more and create some memories. That is more than enough for us.
That is my story and I am sticking to it.
Why not take a few moments to tell our readers your own Christmas story and memories between now and the night Santa shimmies down chimneys?

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