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Children’s Birthday Party Themes for the Summer

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Children’s Birthday Party Themes for the Summer

Planning a birthday isn’t always that simple, especially when searching for food, drinks, décor, activities, and everything else in between. Luckily, this season is the perfect time of the year to get creative when whipping up a legendary celebration. Here are three easy and fun children’s birthday themes for this summer.

Nautical Celebrations

Who doesn’t love a good old pool party? It’s an easy celebration that requires minimal planning. Kids will spend nearly the entire time swimming with friends or eating sweets. But basic pool parties are tired—we can spice it up. Consider planning a nautical-themed event to add more entertainment value and character.

You can center this theme around a tropical paradise, pirates, mermaids, sailors, or the era of ocean expeditions. The list goes on! Once you determine your child’s preferred nautical theme, start gathering decorations, pool toys, and refreshments. Get creative with the snacks and cake, ensuring they match the party’s vibe.

Beat the Heat in Space!

Summer is an excellent time to bring celebrations outside, but sometimes, that heat is too much. Indoor parties are still a solid option, but only if you nail the theme. Seeing as we’re in a new age of space travel interest, why not treat your little one to a cosmic-themed birthday? Purchase interstellar-themed decorations that include aliens, astronauts, stars, the moon, etc.

Book some time at a local laser tag facility to add more adventure to the theme. You can also opt for a retro space party for older children. As with any good theme, your food should fit in with the overall vibe of the event. Decorate cookies in the shape of extraterrestrials and stars. You can even tie your cosmic theme into a fantasy franchise, like Star Wars or Star Trek.

Backyard Camping

A mini-camping trip from the comfort of your home is a great option for adventurous and energetic children. Pitching a tent and roasting s’mores in the backyard with friends makes for a memorable celebration, but it could use some more pizzaz.

Throw in some extra activities, such as an outdoor movie. Grab a good-sized white background (it can be a simple sheet) and a projector. Your children and their guests can watch their favorite content right under the stars. Set up a scavenger hunt throughout the yard, and make sure everyone ends up with a prize at the end. You can keep the food simple and grill up some hot dogs or burgers. Finally, treat everyone to a big breakfast to cap off this amazing summer birthday theme in the morning.

Consider these children’s birthday party themes this summer to ensure your little one has the best time ever. Remember that, ultimately, the best celebration is one your child enjoys most, so use their input when creating a theme.

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