December 3, 2022

Chic Renting: 3 Ways To Make an Apartment Look More Upscale

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Many people struggle with putting their personal stamp on a space they’re renting. Sadly, renters don’t have as much freedom design-wise as people who own their place. Yet, not all hope is lost. An apartment can still look just as elegant and chic as any home. These true and tried ways to make an apartment look more upscale will help tenants achieve the sophisticated design of their dreams.

Opt for Chandeliers

There are many different types of chandelier styles on the market that’ll add class to any space. Candle chandeliers are more traditional and will impress any guest who comes to visit. There are also contemporary alternatives available for those who want something more modern. Hanging a chandelier is the perfect way to add elegance to a rented space without causing damage. Tenants can take the light fixture with them when they move, so their next place looks just as amazing.

Hang Artwork

Most apartment buildings don’t let folks paint the walls. Luckily, renters can hang artwork to add color to the space and help it look more sophisticated. Stick to a theme when hanging pictures. Select your favorite artist and hang a selection of their work on a wall, so it looks more cohesive. People can then share what they love about the artist when visitors stop by. Another idea is to stick with an overarching idea. Perhaps someone is obsessed with flowers—this person could find as many flower paintings as possible to add dimension to the room.

Furniture Matters

Old college furniture isn’t copasetic with elegance. Thus, it’s important for renters to think about the message they want to send to visitors while furniture shopping. Tenants who want to appear more elegant should purchase swanky furniture pieces that people would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Unique shapes and sleek edges are much more sophisticated than frumpy sofas that have lost their structure. Buying modern furniture pieces will definitely make an apartment feel more impressive.

Renters who want their place to look chic should follow these ways to make an apartment look more upscale. A unit doesn’t have to feel dingy just because someone doesn’t own it. By following this advice, tenants can bring the vision they had in their minds into reality.

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