February 7, 2023

Can Usain Bolt Run Faster Than These Dinosaurs?

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Can Usain Bolt Run Faster Than These Dinosaurs?

Many of us are familiar with the world-renowned sprinter Usain Bolt, whom many consider the most phenomenal sprinter of all time. In fact, Bolt is the fastest person in the world, with a top speed of 27.8 miles per hour. With that in mind, it’s still hard to imagine Bolt being able to outrun dinosaurs as they seem so frightening and swift. However, you might find yourself surprised at the truth as there are some dinosaurs that Usain Bolt could outrun.


The Dilophosaurus was a triple threat as it was quite massive and quick on its feet. This dinosaur clocked in at more than 20 feet long and over 800 pounds, making it the largest carnivore of the Jurassic epoch. But when we’re asking the question of whether Bolt could outrun this dinosaur, the answer is a resounding yes. The Dilophosaurus could run nearly 20 miles an hour, but that’s about 7 miles short of Bolt’s record.


We can’t forgo mentioning the terrifying Velociraptor when we’re talking about the top fastest dinosaurs that roamed the Earth. This dromaeosaurid was only about the size of a turkey, but that doesn’t mean they were as harmless. That’s because paleontologists and scientists believe the Velociraptor could reach speeds of nearly 40 to 50 miles an hour. Sadly, that means that Usain Bolt likely would not have been able to run faster than this vicious dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

If you saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex, your first instinct would be to run the other way, but would you make it far? Well, if you are Usain Bolt, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about it, as you could easily outrun this bipedal beast. Despite how scary and formidable the Tyrannosaurs Rex was, it could only run about 17 miles an hour. However, it’s likely none of us would be able to escape this dinosaur’s incredibly forceful bite. That’s because the Tyrannosaurus Rex had the strongest bite out of all terrestrial animals.

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