Camden water scores big

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The City of Camden Water Department recently completed a Sanitary Survey that was conducted by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), Division of Water Resources (DWR). They city scored big.

According to water department superintendent John Beasley, the city was notified by letter from TDEC on August 13 of the results. Daniel Pillow, Environmental Consultant of TDEC DWR, stated in the letter, “In accordance with the Sanitary Survey Manual, the Camden Water System earned 595 points out of a possible 599 total points for a numerical score of ninety-nine percent (99%).”

This rating places the Camden Water System in the State’s “Approved” category. The discrepancies that were noted during the survey have already been addressed by the City of Camden Water Department and have been corrected, or are in the process of being corrected.

Beasley said the Sanitary Survey is a thorough inspection of a water system that is conducted by the DWR every two to three years. Water systems undergo a rigorous review of records to document the operational performance of a water system; including source water, water treatment plant operations, laboratory analytical methods and procedures, distribution systems operations, and water storage facilities.

Beasley said, “The City of Camden is pleased to announce this high score, and Camden Water System personnel continually seek innovative treatment and operational strategies to continue to provide safe, quality drinking water to all of its customers.”

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