WE LOVE CAMDEN – Hundreds of citizens flooded the walkway in front of the courthouse on Thursday in hopes of showing home town pride. Elementary students cheered and held their art high in the air as filming got underway for the promotional video for the new HGTV series, Home Town Takeover. An additional 500 residents and businesses inundated social media with pictures proudly displaying the “I Love Camden” signs. The entire initiative has brought the community together through their love of their home town.

Nearly 300 people arrived on court square on Thursday and almost every one of them had a sign that read, “I Love Camden.” It was truly a sight to behold as families, business associates and proud citizens gathered to do their part in the promotional video for HGTV’s “Home Town Takeover” series.

As reported in the last edition of The Camden Chronicle, a once in a lifetime opportunity opened up for the City of Camden, one that could help change the façade of court square building fronts, businesses and residences with a complete town makeover being offered by HGTV.

Ben and Erin Napier, the stars of the HGTV “Home Town” series, are looking for a small town to revitalize and Camden fits the bill perfectly. The new show will be “Home Town Takeover”

LOCAL YOUTH SHARED ENTHUSIASM FOR HOME TOWN – In a push to change the facade of Camden and in doing so adding more businesses to the area, organizers joined forces with the entire community for a chance at being featured on the new HGTV series, “Home town Takeover.” Above, students at Camden Central High School proudly displayed “I Love Camden” signs and cheered.

and will air later this year.

With a deadline of February 7, organizers asked citizens to print a poster stating, “I Love Camden #HomeTownProud” and take it to court square last Thursday, January 30. Folks did just that.

People from all over the area continue snapping pictures holding the “I Love Camden” signs and posting them on social media. The high school students got on board and have their own video showing pride in Camden. It has been a tremendous movement of uniting together and showing home town pride.

The videos and pictures from Facebook are being edited by Cliff Fulton and will be sent to HGTV on Friday.

What an exciting time to call Camden home! Check out the Facebook page of Camden Chronicle Pamela Mirabella for more information. Scroll down to see the post with Camden neighbors holding their signs, then add a picture of your own. Mirabella said, “Even though the audition video is complete, we still want everyone to show pride in Camden and have fun taking pictures with your signs. Please post them and later this year, I hope to make a video that everyone can share. As for the HGTV video, we have done everything we could do get an entire town makeover, now we just wait, cross our fingers and hope they find as much charm in our little town as we all do. A little prayer wouldn’t hurt, either.”


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