Photo Credits: Pamela Mirabella DOWN IN FLAMES - Another property belonging to Dr. Ken Berry went up in flames overnight as his Holladay home burned to the ground into the early morning hours of Thursday, Oct. 3.

Chalk Level Fire Department responded to a fire at the home of Ken Berry overnight in Holladay. Once on the scene, investigators found the house was a complete loss. The blaze happened nearly seven months after his practice at The Berry Clinic lit up the court square in the early hours of March 25. More to come in this edition of The Camden Chronicle.


    • @BV Why are you highly suspicious this is arson? This is horrific and I am so sorry to hear this! First the clinic in March of 2019 to lightening and now their home? I pray they find whoever did this and prosecute them to the fullest!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m a big believer in what you and Kevin rutherford is promoting. Keep speaking the truth and protect that family you have!

    • They were not living in the house. They moved to Nashville to be closer to the birthing center where they will be having the baby. Prayers being sent.

  2. Prayers for the Berry family for God’s peace that passes all understanding and for strength to get through this horrible tragedy.

  3. When a Doctor and nurse who are calling for the elimination of statins and other highly profitable medications see their clinic and home burnt to the ground, it sure does make you wonder what the heck is going on!! This can not be a coincidence.

  4. There is no doubt in our minds that this is arson by people that are angry that he is speaking out against established medicine and big pharma. May God give him strength – we are with him 100%!!!!!

  5. So sad. All I have to say is the Keto diet and now the Carnivore diet has improved my health greatly, plus I have lost several pounds which I have been struggling with. 20 lbs. down since July 6th, almost where I want to be, thanks to Dr. Barry and other Drs. who agree with this way of eating. Keep up the good work, Dr. Ken Barry.

  6. I pray God’s protection of Dr. Berry and Neisha. This terrible that someone would do this to them. I am grateful they were not living in the home at the time. They’re good people and I trust and believe God is going to bless them beyond measure and give anyone who messes with them what they truly deserve. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  7. Dr Berry please stay strong knowing that you have people across the nation who love you and believe in your messages (they can’t burn all our houses down for spreading the word). Unbelievable cowardly world we live in these days. I hope you and your family get some rest and take care. We will wait for you to come back stronger for this.

  8. Totally someone doesn’t like what he is doing for all of us! He’s awesome and speaks truth. Many prayers lifted for Dr Ken and Neisha!

    • Eliza, are you implying the Berry’s are responsible for burning their home down???
      I really don’t think they need the cash to resort to burning their home down!

  9. Please report what the final investigation found on the cause of the Clinic fire. I believe it was ruled “an act of nature” due to a lightning strike during the storm in the area the night of that fire. Thank you!

  10. Someone has it out for The Berrys. It happens to so many doctors who are exposing the pharma lies, the deceit the American pubic has been subject too for the last many decades. I will never believe this is a coincidence. A grassroots effort needs to be made to insist we find who is behind this. I guess they need to hire private protection next.

  11. A doctor exposing the truth about medical lies… hmmm….. figure it out! Now we know for sure though that KETO CURES!! carnivore CURES!

  12. But they are not the only ones speaking against big pharma and promoting ketogenic/carnivore diets. Why are they being targeted? My prayers go out to your family. Remain safe!

  13. Public records state that Dr Berry was under a second round of disciplinary action from the state medical board for breaches of his medical license. He put patients at risk of HIV due to his testosterone injection methods and clinic practices as well as self-prescriptions and prescriptions for family members in contravention of the medical board regulations. He has an outstanding IRS lien against his home. He has allegations against him from a former employer and staff members for sexual assault and harassment. The two locations where patient and business records were kept have been destroyed by fire and interestingly proceeds from an insurance claim are not available for the IRS to access to meet a debt. No statements from him – his public social media channels this time are completely silent.

  14. Absolutely not a coincidence. Absolutely not an accident. Disgusting and horrendeous. Hopefully they will find help from their community and find the arsenist (and the ones behind this)


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