Biggest Dangers of Driving While Under the Influence

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Biggest Dangers of Driving While Under the Influence

Driving is one of the major ways people can travel around, so it’s a very important skill. However, it’s also a dangerous activity. It requires lots of attention and quick decision-making. That’s why driving while drunk is a huge issue and is illegal across the country. Here’s a better look at the biggest dangers of driving while under the influence.

Potential Accidents

The biggest issue that comes with driving while under the influence is the increase in the chances of accidents. Alcohol impairs your reaction time and decision-making ability, both of which are necessary to prevent accidents. As a result, you can end up not reaching your destination on time and cause a headache for someone else. You may also bring harm upon yourself and others. This brings us to the next point.

Injuries and Death

Not only do you increase your chances of getting into an accident, but you also increase the safety risks that come with driving. Namely, you can cause injuries and death. Vehicular crashes can be disastrous for anyone involved, with the worst of them ending in the death of people in the accident. And drunk driving is responsible for many fatal car accidents since you’re less aware of your surroundings.

Legal Issues

Besides the potential risk to your safety and the safety of everyone else, many legal issues resulting from driving under the influence exist. Drunk driving is a serious infraction and can carry jail time or massive fines. Additionally, the state can revoke your driver’s license so that you can’t drive again. Each state does have different laws when it comes to drunk driving, so the criminal penalties of a DUI in Virginia are different than the punishments in Tennessee, for example. But regardless, you’ll face severe consequences that make drunk driving not worth the risk.

Driving under the influence is a very dangerous activity, and no one ever has a reason to do it. This is because of the potential for harm and the legal risks. There’s also the moral issue of putting others in harm’s way. With the advent of ridesharing apps and designated drivers, no one has any reason to drive while drunk.

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