Big Sandy holds homecoming in new gym

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BSHS HOMECOMING COURT – From left: 9th grade representatives Michael O’Connell and Kenadie Staggs, 10th grade representatives Gavin Newman and Makayla Belyew, 12th grade representatives King Keegan Staggs and Queen Ella Rogers, and 11th grade representatives Chase Barcio and Kaylyn Jackson

Big Sandy School had a wonderful gathering in its newly finished gym on Friday evening. Both Big Sandy Junior High and High School students celebrated their annual basketball homecoming ceremonies for the 2022-23 season, with an enthusiastic crowd of faculty, family, and friends there to cheer them on.

The Big Sandy Junior High basketball teams did not get to play even a single game in the Big Sandy gym this year due to it being renovated during their months of play. Their “home” games were played in Camden school gyms, which was just not the same. Out of respect for the students’ feelings, the Junior High homecoming ceremonies were delayed until the students could strut their stuff in front of their own home crowd. This occasion finally arrived on Jan. 27.

BSJH HOMECOMING COURT – From left: 6th grade representatives Jenna Roberts and Hudson Barrett, 7th grade representatives Molly Belyew and Calvin Brown, 8th grade representatives Queen Briley Weed and King Hunter Jackson, and 5th grade representatives Haidyn Berry and Conner Brown.

The Junior High Homecoming Court consisted of fifth grade representatives and third alternates Conner Brown, son of Charles and Consuelo Brown, and Haidyn Berry, daughter of Cameron and Deann Berry. Sixth grade reps and second alternates were Hudson Barrett, son of Heather and Jamie Barrett, and Jenna Roberts, granddaughter of Billy and Christie Castillo. Seventh grade reps and first alternates were Calvin Brown, son of Charles and Consuelo Brown, and Molly Belyew, daughter of Ryan and Marla Belyew.

The Junior High Homecoming king and queen for Big Sandy were King Hunter Jackson, son of B.R. and Rhonda Jackson, and Queen Briley Weed, daughter of Justin and Lindsey Weed.

Following the junior high ceremony, Big Sandy High School students held their 2022-23 Homecoming ceremony. The High School Homecoming Court included ninth grade reps and third alternates Michael O’Connell, son of Tom and Theresa O’Connell, and Kenadie Staggs, daughter of Bo and Marla Staggs. Tenth grade reps and second alternates were Gavin Newman, son of Robert Newman and Elizabeth Allen, and Makayla Belyew, daughter of Ryan and Marla Belyew. Eleventh grade reps and first alternates were Chase Barcio, son of Chris and Kristy Barcio, and Kaylyn Jackson, daughter of B.R. and Rhonda Jackson.

The High School Homecoming king and queen for Big Sandy were King Keegan Staggs, son of Bo and Marla Staggs, and Queen Ella Rogers, daughter of Mike and Jeanie Rogers. Congratulations to all of these Big Sandy students on being selected to the 2022-23 Homecoming courts, and for being able to celebrate the Homecoming events in their new gym.

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