Big Sandy Car Show was outstanding

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Dear Editor,

I would like to share a “shout out” to Steve French, director of the Big Sandy Car Show. I have participated in this show for several years and this year there were over 180 classic cars in attendance. This was the biggest show in the history of event. This doesn’t happen by accident.

Year to year planning, gathering volunteers, judges, securing donations, sponsors, advertising, etc. Visitors from other states, all around Tennessee visit our county. The Big Sandy Festival is a wonderful multi-day event.

Being a classic car enthusiast I really appreciate a well-run car show. Steve French deserves kudos from the community. It takes a lot of volunteer hours, patience, and endurance to execute this event. This year was difficult year for Steve. His father recently passed and he accomplished the biggest show with a heavy heart.

Good job, Steve, see you next year!
Bill Ray, Eva, Tennessee

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