Best Methods for Protecting Your Car From the Elements

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Best Methods for Protecting Your Car From the Elements

We all love our cars and want to get the most literal and metaphorical mileage out of them. A large part of ensuring that your vehicle remains in good condition throughout the decades is taking care of its exterior, including the paint and general frame. Avoiding accidents is all well and good, but some threats are a lot more natural. Consider some of these methods for protecting your car from the elements and keeping it in better shape.

Avoiding the Sun

Shade can be your car’s best friend. Prolonged exposure to sunlight frequently causes your paint to fade and chip away over time. It’s a good idea to park your car in the shade whenever you have the opportunity. However, you should keep in mind that not all shade provides the same benefits. Parking under trees for shade may result in sap or bird droppings, which are some of the most common causes of paint damage. When able, park in a garage or under an awning to prevent fading.

Regularly Wash

One of the best methods for protecting your car from the elements is to wash it regularly. Many drivers assume that the occasional spring shower washing over their car is good enough, but that rain may just spread dust and dirt around. The more often you take the time to run your car through a wash or give it a solid scrubbing yourself, the longer it will stay in pristine condition. In addition, we recommend applying the occasional wax coating to help prevent dirt and pollen from sticking to your car’s exterior.

Invest in a Cover

Investing in a proper cover for your car is essential when you want to keep it safe from the elements. A cover prevents sun damage when you have to park without shade and proves beneficial against errant projectiles or hailstones.

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