Benton County road closures and tornado update

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Wearing many hats, Camden Water Superintendent and emergency first responder, John Beasley offered the latest tornado update from the hardest hit areas in Benton County. Beasley said, “Many roads are impassable including Ballard, Bethel Church, Cuff, and Eva Flatwoods Roads. Benton County Rescue Squad (BCRS) responded to reports of homes with severe damage shortly after storms hit. On scene quickly to assist highway department to open up roads.”

Beasley confirmed that a Benton County Electric worker heard cries for help on Bethel Church Rd., as he was working in the area. The worker reportedly found a man and woman in a field of debris where a home was destroyed. BCRS arrived on scene and stayed on with patients until EMS crews arrived and they transported to ambulance.” Beasley said there was a delayed response due to roads being blocked. Water department also assisted clearing Ballard Rd. so EMS could access patients.

Beasley said, “It has been a multi-agency response with county and city resources working together including Camden Fire, Camden water, Benton County Electric System, Benton County Rescue Squad, EMS, and all local law enforcement.”

Benton County Highway Department’s Scotty Hollowell reported on road conditions. He said the following roads are impassable and should be avoided:

Beaver Dam

Harmon’s Creek

Chestnut Hill

Eva Flatwoods

Cuff Rd.

Ballard Rd.

Bethel Church Rd.

Hollowell said that drivers should avoid the areas as crews continue to work in the vicinity.

Emergency crews and responders are continuing to clear roads, restore power and utilities, answer emergency calls and check on residents.

It will be a long day across Benton County and Mid-Tennessee where at least two people reportedly lost their lives to the E-3 tornado.

Beasley finished with, “I am deeply saddened by the amount of devastation in the area as this is my neighborhood where I grew up. Hope to go home soon to check my place. I heard it was okay, but praying for those affected. One of the homes destroyed on Ballard is the home of one of our rescue squad members.”

Please keep all of those affected and Benton County emergency personnel in your prayers. This is a devastating event for the entire area.

Post pictures here and note the area, so early morning workers can plan their routes.

Pamela Mirabella

Pamela Mirabella

Pamela Mirabella is an award-winning journalist and Editor-in-Chief of The Camden Chronicle.

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