BCES provides more than power

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GIVING BACK – BCES General Manager Scott Owens (left) met with Holladay School Principal Marty Arnold last week to donate planners for students to use to keep their school lives organized. A donation also was made to Big Sandy School.

Led by General Manager Scott Owens, Benton County Electric System does a lot of good for Benton County. Not only do they keep the power on for all of our electrical needs, they also provide many other thoughtful and essential services to Benton County.

In preparation for school starting this week, BCES donated more than 150 planners for students attending Holladay and Big Sandy Schools. They also sponsor the “Study Buddies” at Briarwood in Camden.

“For a few years BCES has worked with the schools to make sure students are prepared for the new year. Along with the schools, we want to ensure students have a good way to plan their school year and record their assignments. We hope that the planners we donate help them do that,” Owens said. “BCES proudly supports the schools and every student as the future of Benton County.”

Another critical way that BCES supports county citizens is through the “payment in lieu of tax” (PILOT) payments that the agency makes annually to the governments of Benton County, Big Sandy, and Camden. On June 30, BCES delivered a total of $878,835.26 of PILOT money to local government. 

PILOT payments are calculated based on a TVA formula that considers the amount of capital assets BCES has located within the county and the two towns. BCES uses the maximum calculation allowed by TVA in this formula. As a result, Benton County received $777,738.42, Camden received $96,761.74, and Big Sandy received $4,335.10 in PILOT payments to fund government expenses.

“BCES is glad to work with Benton County, Big Sandy, and Camden to provide electric service, but we also strive to exemplify public power mission and values,” Owens said. “Citizens want reliable, fairly-priced power, and for BCES to enrich the communities we serve. We work to support the community through various facets – sports, education, economic development, and through the PILOT. I am honored and humbled to support and work with the team at BCES, its board members, and the citizens in Benton County.”

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