Apartment Safety Checklist: Things To Lookout For

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Renting an apartment is a big deal. It’s definitely an achievement to be proud of, but it’s also something you must consider carefully. After all, it’ll be your home for the next several months. Before you lock yourself into a contract or lease, read over our apartment safety checklist for things to lookout for. It will help you choose a unit that’s safe and fitting for you and your family.

Check Local Crime Rates

The first thing to do before renting an apartment is to inspect local crime rates. Whether you are or aren’t familiar with the area, it’s important to look at this factor. After all, crime rates can be a serious deal breaker if you have children.

Everyone has their own mindset on what is considered to be a dangerous part of town but checking out the local statistics will give you the hard facts. It’ll also help you make a decision you feel safe and secure about.

Check for Popcorn Ceilings

When it comes to apartment units, there are some universal features you tend to find in many units. One of them is popcorn ceilings. This feature is widely used by contractors to hide the displeasing evidence of working with tough drywall. As a result, many apartments and homes continue to have ceilings filled with them.

As unpleasant as they are to look at, they can also be dangerous due to containing vermiculite. For this reason, you want to be vigilant during your apartment search. When you go to a showing, make sure to peek up and check out the ceiling conditions. If you find this unpleasant feature, ask the property manager what kind of options you have for removing it.

Ask About Surveillance and Other Safety Factors

When you live in an apartment building, you’re typically surrounded by many other individuals and families. For this reason, it’s important to find out what kind of safety factors the property offers. Things to ask about are surveillance cameras, emergency phone stations, and community safety watch. Knowing what kind of safety protocols your future home offers can bring you peace of mind.

The Loud Stuff that Protects You

The last thing on our apartment safety check list and something you should look out for are the loud things that wake you up when there’s trouble. We’re talking about your fire and carbon monoxide alarms. They’re such a small detail but they’re crucial to have.

After all, you wouldn’t buy a car that doesn’t have airbags. For that reason you need to have the same mentality with your apartment and ensure the unit you’re renting has the proper equipment to keep you safe.

Use this checklist to make a thorough decision in finding the apartment you’ll call home. Your new place will be safe and reliable, and most importantly, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you made the right choice of apartment.

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