December 3, 2022

After all… it IS Halloween!

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Since we are past the midway point in October that means Halloween is just over the horizon.

It seems like the last couple of months of the year fly by.

Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then New Year’s.

With Halloween next up I will write about the good ole’ days when I was young enough to really marvel at this bewitching of all nights.

Those were simpler days when we could walk up and down the country road with only moonlight to see by and not worry about vicious people abducting us or finding razor blades hidden inside the goodies.

The neighbors were few, well only two, so that is really a couple, and each Halloween they seemed really excited to see us. Maybe it was because “customers” were few and far between. Or maybe it was just a show.

It was my brother and me, and we would look forward to emptying our sacks from our spooky outings on the living room floor in front of the wood-burning fireplace.
Nothing had to be the individually packaged store-bought stuff. The cache mostly included fruits, nuts, homemade brownies, popcorn balls or other goodies (wrapped in a cling wrap or aluminum foil). Popcorn balls were the best.

Soon after getting back to the house and checking our loot other family members would stop by with their “spooks”. It was a tradition and checking out the costumes always made for an evening of good laughs.

Halloween is on Wednesday this year. Some churches that hold Wednesday night services are either moving to Tuesday or earlier in the evening so members may participate in “trunk o’ treats’ where the cars park in a circle of sorts with all trunks (or backs of SUVs and mini vans) open to the inside of the circle so visitors may go from vehicle to vehicle. Some really decorate in high-style while others are simpler, but all seem to have their fill of treats.

However the event is celebrated, my hope is that it will be fun and clean and most importantly safe.
Happy Halloween!

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