Activities You Can Do While Social Distancing

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The COVID-19 situation might limit your activity options, but there are still certain things you can do safely at home or outside so long as you take the necessary precautions. You can use the time to start a new hobby, complete tasks that you would normally put off, and pursue simple pleasures. Banish your boredom with these activities you can do while social distancing.

Create a Garden

There is a wholesome sense of satisfaction you can find by raising plants at home. You get to see them grow and eventually blossom from tiny seeds or shoots by carefully attending to them with water, sunlight, and pruning. Part of the fun is in the plant species you select as well. You may go for flowers to adorn the yard outside, potted houseplants and succulents to brighten up your interior, or edible herbs to add to your home cooking. With a garden, you’ll also have a consistent activity to look forward to each day without any danger of breaking social distancing measures.

Clean Out Home Clutter

Since you can’t go out as often, you could use the extra time to clean out the clutter in your home. This might not be the most immediately enjoyable activity you can do while social distancing, but your home may be dying for a good tidying. Scan your house for areas where disorder is taking over and straighten things out while getting rid of the items you don’t need. You can throw away some items, put certain belongings in boxes for donation, and recycle others. Spaces that you might focus on while cleaning include closets and drawers where you keep clothing, kitchen cabinets, desks, and everyone’s favorite catch-all area, the basement. These are prime locations where clutter can accumulate.

Go to a Golf Course

If you’re a sports lover, the current situation regarding COVID-19 can feel stifling. So many popular sports involve a good amount of body-to-body contact. There is one sport that you can still go out and play, though—golf. Most states, including Tennessee, have allowed golf courses to open their doors. As long as visitors are cautious, follow the safety rules set by the course, and adhere to general standards for social distancing while golfing, they can partake in the sport. You should generally avoid touching anything that you don’t need to, wear a mask, and keep six feet apart from others. With that taken care of, you can feel free to work on your swing and bask in the change of scenery while you’re on the course.

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