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Swearing-In ceremony at Camden High School was out of this world

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From left, Michael Fulp, Scott Horn, Cristapher Enoch, Lilliaunna Bassett, Roger Varneke and Gabe Delaney, were sworn-in as future United States Army soldiers from the International Space Station on Wednesday afternoon.

Expedition 62 Flight Engineer Andrew Morgan who is currently at the International Space Station was patched through via video to Swear-In future US Army soldiers at a ceremony at Camden Central High School on February 26. Six candidates took the oath in front of family, friends and fellow high school students. 

Local recruiter, US Army SSG Matthew Gutowski, said he was notified by his unit this once in a lifetime event was in the works. He said just before the ceremony, “I immediately said I can think of no better school than Camden that I’d rather do this at.”

Gutowski was joined by SSG Nicholas Brunecz at the ceremony.

Afterwards, CHS Principal Shawn McDowell commended the future soldiers and said, “We are immensely proud of these young adults. Very, very proud. We are honored by their decision and the chance we had to witness this event. Thank you Pamela Mirabella (of The Camden Chronicle) for the coverage. One very proud point about the picture in this article, are the flags in the background. We do love those that serve and I believe this may be the first time these flags were a part of a picture for such an event.”

*Video of the event can be viewed on the Camden Chronicle Pamela Mirabella Facebook Profile page.

Pamela Mirabella

Pamela Mirabella

Pamela Mirabella is an award-winning journalist and Editor-in-Chief of The Camden Chronicle.

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