Hometown care abundant in new pharmacy

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When Pharmacist Brad Hopkins learned the news that Fred’s Pharmacy was closing its doors, he knew that he had to make a life-altering decision for his career and family. He had only found his calling in the retail environment three years prior, after more than 20 years working in long term pharmaceutical care. Meeting people and seeing the difference his work was making in their lives, planted a seed.

So, when the news trickled in that Fred’s had sold to Walgreens, Hopkins decided the time was right to take his commitment to the community and branch out under his own umbrella. He did just that.

The pharmacy has over-the-counter medicines, as well as oils, tonics, candy, and boutique items. A true feeling of yesteryear and a pharmacy possibly visited with grandparent’s meanders through each aisle of the new store.

On Friday, Hopkins Apothecary, a modern pharmacy with the look and feel of yesteryear will open to the public.

Located conveniently at 246 Hwy. 641 N. just down the street where Fred’s Pharmacy was, Hopkins welcomes all his former customers, new ones, too, to use the hometown pharmacy that truly cares for each and every person that gives them a try. Hopkins, along with his wife, Lucindy, a long-time educator in Benton County, hopes the community feels part of their family from the moment they enter the doors at the pharmacy. “When you are here, you are truly family. We carefully selected every single item in our storefront to bring a smile and comfort to you. We know that you are here because you are not feeling your best. In some way, we hope our selection of tonics, medicines, bottle drinks, tonics, oils, and toys will make you feel at home and cared for.”

Hopkins finished with, “At Hopkins Apothecary we will take care of you like you are our own family. Because we truly feel that way. Welcome Benton County to the family.”

Pamela Mirabella

Pamela Mirabella

Pamela Mirabella is an award-winning journalist and Editor-in-Chief of The Camden Chronicle.

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