A bird’s eye view of Benton County

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The Camden Chronicle took to the skies, when local pilot Darrel Berry took Editor Pamela Mirabella up in one of his military planes on Wednesday.

Berry houses various planes at the Benton County Airport and is the Chairman of the airport board. After a short presentation at the airport, he offered Mirabella a chance-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cover the area from a new altitude.

As the plane ascended into the clouds, Holladay, Camden and Big Sandy took on different perspectives. Bodies of water surrounded many areas and rolling, lush green hills seem to envelope every corner of the county. A light breeze moved the leaves remaining from the cool winter wind.

The bird’s eye view offered glorious hues of blues and greens below covering nearly every square mile. The buildings and roads were only a small part of the vision below. The tiniest people hustled below finishing up last minute holiday tasks, but soon were out of view as the plane continued the climb.

From Pilot Knob to Birdsong, Benton County is as a beautiful land as the nation has to offer.
Berry finished the flight, descending to the airstrip after one more fly-by of the airport, making it an unforgettable experience.

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