6 Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas Couples Will Love

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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you’ve spent a long time with your partner, you might be running out of ideas about how to spend the holiday. We’ll help you out with these six Valentine’s Day date night ideas.



Attend a Concert

A concert is an electrifying (and/or aesthetically pleasing) experience that you and your significant other won’t forget. Whether the two of you prefer to see an indie band or an orchestra, hearing the music you both love on stage will make the night grand.


Don’t normally dance? Now’s the time to step outside your comfort zone and learn how to salsa or square dance with your partner. You can take one lesson or commit to multiple classes. Either way, you’re sure to have a blast—and you’ll probably practice the moves you picked up at home, too!

Participate in A Bar or Pub Crawl

Consider spending the evening sharing appetizers over drinks at your favorite local establishments. Thankfully, this doesn’t take much effort to plan, and a crawl allows you to try a variety of places in one night.

Recreate Your First Date

Did you meet at a hockey game? Or maybe a restaurant with some mutual friends? Whatever the case may be, Valentine’s Day is your chance to take a trip down Memory Lane. Your partner’s guaranteed to appreciate the gesture.

Sign Up for A Cooking Class

Do you routinely cook the same meals? Consider taking a cooking class with your sweetheart. The class is an opportunity to learn how to make something different and new. The two of you will also enjoy the teamwork that comes with creating a delicious feast together.

Settle for A Night In

Perhaps you don’t feel like taking on the crowds this year—and that’s okay. Why not have a cozy night in with your significant other? You can paint canvases together, or you can gather some candy and project your favorite movie or show on the wall. Don’t worry, nobody’s going to judge you, because you get to call the shots!

And there you go, six Valentine’s Day date night ideas that you and your partner are certain to enjoy. We hope you have a memorable day filled with love and affection!

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