6 Great Ways to Make Cleaning More Environmentally Friendly

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Whether you’re planning ahead for your spring cleaning extravaganza or you just want to implement some greener cleaning choices, we’ve got what you need below. We understand that eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle choices are important to a lot of people, and there are many ways to apply these choices to your cleaning methods as well. Take a look at these six ways to make cleaning more environmentally friendly. From donating more to purchasing organic products, we’ve got the options you need to keep your home clean and green.

Donate Unused Items and Clothing

One of the key aspects of cleaning is removing clutter. To keep your cleaning practices green, donate your unused items rather than tossing them. Research a charity you deem worthy of donation, and then pile your items up to donate. This will clear some space and help out those in need!

Limit Your Vacuum Use

Instead of vacuuming your carpet or rugs, try using a broom instead. Sweep away any loose dirt or dust bunnies every week, and only break out the vacuum when you need to deep-clean. This will save quite a bit of energy.

Handwash Clothes

Washing machines use an immense of water. If you already use cold water in your washing machine, take it a step further by handwashing some loads of laundry. This will preserve quite a bit of water—plus, your clothes will last longer.

Switch to Organic Cleaning Products

Our biggest tip is to switch to organic, natural cleaning products. A lot of the products people use to clean their homes contain toxins and chemicals that aren’t great for air and water quality. When you wash those chemicals down the drain, you’re tainting the water supply. To live an eco-friendlier lifestyle, choose products that are organic, natural, and not tested on animals.

Use Kitchen Items to Clean

If you can’t find any organic products at the store, turn to your kitchen for natural cleaning options. Use lemon juice as your go-to natural cleanser; it does wonders for getting out stinky smells and removing grease and grime. For example, to clean your microwave, squeeze lemon juice into a microwavable bowl and cook it for about three minutes. Leave it in there for about five more minutes without opening the door, and then wipe down the microwave with a dry rag. Baking soda is another great choice—mix it with a bit of water to remove surface rust. Your kitchen has tons of wonderful options for natural cleaning products.

Refresh Indoor Air Naturally

Finally, stop using those store-bought air fresheners. Plenty of other natural substances and products will cleanse the air and get rid of the stink. Add more plants to the home to purify the air, or cut up some lemons and place them around the house to cut out toxins. Reach for natural essential oils in a diffuser for added natural scents.

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