6 Fantastic Ways to Make Your Home Look Newer

6 Fantastic Ways to Make Your Home Look Newer

Whether you just moved into an old home or have lived in your house for a while but want to spruce it up, there are plenty of tips to follow. Don’t underestimate the power of a few home improvement projects—maybe by the time summer’s over, you’ll feel completely at ease with the “age” of your home. Check out our favorite ways to make your home look newer, and help your home look brand new again!

Fix Up the Walls

If you live in an old home, there are probably some signs you should repaint the walls that you’ve been ignoring. Don’t! Splashing some new paint on the walls, getting rid of old wallpaper, and paying attention to color can do a lot for refreshing your space. If you really want it to look new, aim for lighter color schemes and easy walls—shades of white can give you the blank canvas you need to rewind the clock on your home.

Highlight the Timeless Elements

Many old homes have beautiful doors and features like ornate corners and stunning wood carvings. Use these to your advantage rather than ignoring them. Refinish them and incorporate them into the overall design—whatever you do, let them act a focal point. When you embrace these elements, it can actually help to refresh your home! However, if you don’t like these elements, don’t keep them!

Replace the Flooring

Time to get rid of that dirty carpet. You can replace it entirely with stunning hardwood floors, you can clean it, or you can replace it with newer, plush carpeting. No matter which you choose, flooring plays a big role in how old a house appears to be. Keep it fresh with hardwood instead of green carpeting.

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

Don’t forget that the outside of the house is just as important as the inside when it comes to making your home look newer. Obviously, it’s important to focus on the inside of the house, but if the outside of the home looks dated, then your space will still look old. Instead, dig into the landscaping and gardening, fix up the exterior walls, or replace the roofing—whatever you need to do to make sure the outside matches the beauty of the inside.

Look to the Light

Lighting plays a huge role in the look of a house. Think about it—the old houses that look outdated often feel especially ancient because of their lighting. If the light fixtures are old, dusty, rusted, or dim, that makes the house look older. Do yourself a favor, and focus on enhancing the light within the house.

Make It Cohesive

Our last tip is about design in general—make it cohesive. If your design style is all over the place, then the space will look chaotic. From room to room, see how you can build your space to coordinate throughout the home. For example, as homes age, they go through a lot of little updates here and there. But when you take the time to focus on the little finishes in each room, then you’ll make the space feel polished and new. Try connecting flooring choices throughout, or have a paint palette for all the spaces.


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