6 Easy Ways to Volunteer With Your Kids

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As the holiday season rolls around, it’s important to give back to the community. A lot of us get stuck in the trap of focusing only on ourselves and our loved ones. Make sure to give back to those in your community this year, and check out these easy ways to volunteer with your kids. Bring the spirit of the season into your life and your family—give back to those that need your help!

Donate Your Clothes

Probably one of the simplest ways to give back to the community is to donate your clothes to local thrift stores and charities. This time of year, many people need different clothing items; putting on a clothing drive is an excellent way to get the kids involved. Even if it’s a simple flier you pass around the neighborhood about how you’ll collect clothes to donate, give people a list of what they should give. It’s a wonderful way to raise awareness and help the community.

Bring Food to a Food Pantry

Similar to clothing drives, holding a neighborhood food drive allows you to collect provisions for your local food pantry during the holidays. Food pantries need help with their supply all year, but it’s even more important during the winter season. If a neighborhood drive isn’t possible, at least donate as a family, and have your child pick one item up each time you go to the grocery store. Once you fill a bag, bring it to your local pantry!

Walk for Charity-Driven 5Ks

If you have children who love to exercise, then a 5K is perfect for you! Decide on which charity or organization you’d like to support, and then, sign up for a walk. Kids five and up can walk a few miles, and if you have anyone younger, you can push a stroller around!

Clean Up the Neighborhood

You’ll probably notice tons of trash on the ground this time of year because people don’t pick up after themselves as often during winter. Take some time with your kids to go around the neighborhood and pick up any garbage you see. When you take your winter walks, or head out to the park, pick up some litter!

Visit a Nursing Home

Spending time with the older members of your community provides an enriching way to volunteer with your kids. Organizing visits can be as easy as calling ahead and asking if you and your kids can stop by. Especially around the holidays, it’s a good idea to create cards to deliver to the residents. It’s such a fantastic way to get your kids and the elderly into the holiday spirit.

Adopt-a-Family Program

This offers a remarkable way to get your whole family excited to volunteer and give back to your community. Since a lot of children end up creating a large list of wants for themselves, this program shows them the benefits of giving to others. Teach your kids that the holidays are more about giving than they are about getting, and seek out a social service agency that organizes an adopt-a-family program. You’ll get the family’s wish list, and then you and the kids can purchase those gifts. You can even make homemade cards for them!

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