5 Ways to Make a Car Faster Without Major Modifications

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Maybe you’re into street racing, or maybe you’re just perpetually late. Either way, increasing the speed potential of your car has loads of benefits. Here are some unique ways to make a car faster.

Upgrade your tires

Have you heard of the penny test? It’s a great way to test if your tires are worn. Insert a penny into the treads of your tires. In general driving cases and conditions, if the penny is at least halfway submerged, there shouldn’t be any issues. If it’s not fully submerged, it might be time to start shopping for tires. Having new and upgraded tires can increase your car’s speed safely. Your tires’ size can also make quite the difference:

  • Large tires may have quicker acceleration, but aren’t ideal for high speeds
  • For high speeds try a slimmer tire, but beware of the slower acceleration

Most importantly, pick a tire that fits your car. Be sure to do some research, or even call your dealership for suggestions.

Take it in for a tune-up

It’s time to take your car in for a tune-up! Regularly changing your oil, changing your steering fluid, and adding enough coolant are necessary steps to keep your car in its best shape. Just like people, cars perform best when well-maintained.

Tip: Make sure to get your tires rotated regularly. An easy way to remember is to get them rotated when you go in for an oil change.

Upgrade your air intake

Safely increasing speed is important. Adding or upgrading your car’s air intake can really make a difference. Engines can overheat, and when you’re pushing your car to its limits, it’s important to keep the engine cool. Adding or upgrading your air intake can keep your car’s engine at a lower temperature and stop overheating.

Important: Regularly change your air filters. A dirty filter can reduce your car’s acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Manage your final drive

Your car’s final drive is between your transmission and your wheels. Adjusting your final drive can make huge changes to your car’s performance. To go faster, increase your final drive ratio. The downside of this adjustment is a lower fuel efficiency, so be mindful of that side effect.

Heads up: If you don’t have an air intake, or want to keep your engine temperature down in other ways, bearings in final drives can minimize your engine’s heat and reduce friction.

Remove excess weight

It’s time to stop using your car as a storage unit. Empty out all the unnecessary weight in your car to increase its speed. This excess weight can be any stored items, or for a more dramatic weight reduction, eliminate any extra seating or parts you don’t use.

Hint: Replace your body panels with a lighter material for a sneaky weight-saving option.

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