5 Ways To Know if Your Roof Needs Replacing

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5 Ways To Know if Your Roof Needs Replacing

When unexpected weather arrives in your town, you should feel safely protected under the roof of your house. But if there are complications with the roof’s quality, can you truly trust it?

Continue reading to learn about the ways to know if your roof needs replacing so that you can protect your house from severe weather!

Cracked and Curled Shingles

Shingles should lay flat along the surface. As time passes, shingles endure disturbances that affect the shingle’s structural integrity.

Cracked shingles have surface-level cracks caused by thermal expansion. As time passes, the shingle’s quality wears down, and the material begins to separate.

Shingles can develop a curled appearance on the ends, which also indicates damage. It most frequently occurs during inclement weather. Curled shingles may not pose an immediate threat to the house, but they can cause further issues in the future.

Leaks or Water Damage

A visible leak from the roof is an easy way to know that your roof needs replacing. Whether it’s a small drip or a steady stream leaking into the interior of your house, it’s time for a new roof.

In the cases when you can’t see a leak, inspect the house for signs of water damage. You might see stains and water spots in areas such as the attic, ceiling, and walls of your home.

Moss Forming on the Surface

Moss grows in humid and damp environments. When you see the appearance of moss on your roof, it’s due to excess moisture lingering on the surface. While it may give your home a unique appearance, moss isn’t ideal for the health of the roof. It can cause issues such as rotting or altering the roof’s drainage capabilities.

A Sagging Roof

Does your roof appear sunken in? This sagging appearance is another sign of water damage that traps moisture to cause rotting wood and a saggy roof. When this occurs, your roof is not structurally safe. Water damage compromises the strength of the wood. It’s important to resolve the issue quickly to prevent a collapsed roof.

Insufficient Repairs

A roof repair service can fix many of these complications. Repairs for cracked shingles, water damage, and moss removal are very common. However, a new roof is the best solution if you’ve already conducted several repairs that haven’t produced results.

If your current roof displays any of these signs, start exploring all your new roofing options. Whether you stick to the classic roof type or replace it with a different type of metal roofing, you can protect your home with a brand-new roof!

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