5 Types of Fabric That Are Made From Wool

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5 Types of Fabric That Are Made From Wool

We know wool as the warm, soft hair sheared from sheep, goats, alpacas, and similar animals. When woven into fabric, wool makes an excellent material for garments, upholstery, and more. It may surprise you to learn that there are dozens of different fabrics made from wool. If you want to buy wool clothes, upholster your furniture with wool, or knit with wool, consider these five types of fabric made from wool.


Cashmere is a downy fabric made from the wool of Cashmere goats and Pashmina goats, which hail from the Kashmir region of Northern India. This type of wool is known for being extremely soft to the touch—almost silk-like—and light but insulating at the same time.


Boucle is another type of fabric made from wool. Its name is the French word for “loop” or “curl,” which perfectly describes its nubby, fleecy appearance and texture. While boucle is a newer, niche fabric, it’s gained popularity as an upholstery fabric over the last few years for its uniquely textured look and soft feel.


Flannel is a soft-woven fabric we commonly associate with lumberjack-style button-ups, but it’s also used to make blankets and bed sheets. Originally, flannel was made from carded wool, a type of brushed, web-like wool. But today, it’s made from a variety of wools and other fabrics.


Tweed is a rougher fabric featuring a weave, twill, or herringbone pattern. It’s not the type of fabric you’d commonly associate with wool since it has a tough, textured surface, but wool is commonly woven into tweed because it makes the yarn easier to dye.


Last but not least, we have mohair, which is made from the long, luscious locks of the Angora goat. It has a high luster and sheen with a distinct fuzzy, frizzy appearance. It’s commonly used to knit clothing and blankets.

If you want to use wool for your next home or knitting project, you can see there are countless options available. Try one of the fabrics above, or another of the dozens of fabrics made from this fluffy animal hair.

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