5 True Crime Podcasts for Summer Road Trips

5 True Crime Podcasts for Summer Road Trips

Hopefully, summertime means that a bit of traveling is in store for you. When you get tired of jamming out to the tunes on the radio, try plugging in to a true crime podcast to kill time. From purely investigative series to murder-a-week shows, there’s a podcast out there for any true crime lover. Check out five of our favorite true crime podcasts for summer road trips below.

1. My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder

Hosts: Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Showcasing some of the terrible things that have happened in real life—from familial homicides to serial murders—Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark lead the true crime podcast world with My Favorite Murder. The two women utilize comedy as a method of coping with the many horrible events that have taken place in our world. With over 50,000 reviews, a solid five-star rating, and a worldwide presence, this is one podcast you should listen to on your next trip.

2. Criminal


Host: Phoebe Judge

A podcast for true crime purists, Criminal delves deep into the details of various murders, analyzing the people who committed the crimes and the science behind the murders. Twice a month, listeners get the opportunity to learn about the horrid aspects of each murder.

3. Accused


Host: Amber Hunt

If you’re interested in cold cases, then Accused is the perfect podcast for you. Amber Hunt leads you through intricate crime scene details, interviewing witnesses and even primary suspects. Each season delves into a specific murder—the first season talks about Elizabeth Andes, who was found murdered in 1978, while the second season brings you the story of the 1987 stabbing of Retha Welch.

4. Serial


Host: Sarah Koenig

The podcast that put true crime podcasts on the map, Serial took off in 2014, when Sarah Koenig began digging into the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and the subsequent conviction of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed. Koenig’s work made some serious implications for the case: namely, that Syed’s DNA hadn’t been found on any of the physical evidence. Now in its third season, Serial has begun focusing on Cleveland’s criminal justice system and how, in some cases, the system gets cases horribly wrong.

5. The Last Podcast on the Left

The Last Podcast on the Left

Host: Ben Kissel, Marcus Peaks, and Henry Zebrowski

In this true crime podcast, three hosts cover everything from cults to domestic violence to aliens. Each case is thoroughly researched and presented with an energy and hilarity that will bring you back for more. The three friends have been producing the show for eight years, so there are plenty of episodes for you to enjoy.


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