5 Reasons Why You Need To Crate Your Dog

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Crate Your Dog

Does the thought of putting your dog in a crate upset you? You aren’t alone! Many dog owners think crates are cruel—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re like personal rooms just for your dog. They’re places where they can go and relax when they’re feeling stressed, scared, or tired. And crate training your dog comes with a whole host of benefits!

Let’s look at five reasons why you need to crate your dog and why crates aren’t as scary or mean as they seem.


When you bring a puppy home for the first time, you shouldn’t expect them to adjust right away. Chances are, they’ll be anxious, confused, and scared. One way to make them feel comfortable as they adjust to their new surroundings is to place them in a crate with a bed and a few toys. The crate is a quiet, comfortable, and safe space that allows them to observe their surroundings from afar.

For a similar reason, crates are great for travel. They let your dog adjust to unfamiliar environments at their own pace.

Potty Training

Dogs don’t automatically have potty training, which means you’ll need to train any new arrivals to your family. Fortunately, crates are a fantastic way to speed up the training process! Dogs don’t like to “go” in their own territory, which means that they tend to hold their natural instincts in whenever they’re in their crate. By taking your dog outside immediately after removing them from the crate, they’ll begin to associate the outdoors with potty time.

Wound Healing

If your dog recently underwent surgery or has an injury, a crate is the best place for them to relax and recuperate. Crates provide a safe space for hurt and vulnerable dogs. They also limit your pet’s movement, which means they won’t be able to run around or do other activities that could worsen their injuries.

Easy Vet Visits

If your dog has crate training, it’ll be much easier for you to bring them to the vet for their scheduled visits. Vet visits tend to make most dogs anxious. But crate-trained pups will feel at ease in their crate and be less likely to panic.


If you can’t supervise your dog for whatever reason, whether that be because you’re at work or busy with chores, keeping them inside a crate is a way to ensure their safety and prevent them from causing mischief.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for crating your dog. Crates aren’t as bad as people often think. In fact, they’re more beneficial than they are harmful. Just make sure that you choose the right crate size for your dog and take measurements to make it as comfortable as possible. A bed, a few toys, and a bowl of food and water will make things welcoming for them.

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