5 Profitable Animals To Pick for Your Farm

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5 Profitable Animals To Pick for Your Farm

Maintaining a steady income is an essential part of running a farm. The last thing you want while taking care of your animals is running out of the necessary funds. So the best course of action is to find animals that help bring in a regular income. Here are five profitable animals to pick for your farm, ranging from animals as small as bees to as large as cattle.


An estimated one to two acres per animal, cattle come with a considerable profit. Because of the massive meat market in the US and Canada alone, it’s easily at the top for livestock profits. With cattle, you can sell butter, cheese, beef, and milk, bringing in a variety of payout methods without too much animal maintenance.


Since a good portion of the global population consumes goat meat, goats are another profitable animal to pick for your farm. Additionally, your profit margins will increase if you obtain an organic certification. You can produce goat meat, milk, cheese, and butter—obtaining an average income of $1,000 to $2,000 per every two goats. Lastly, if your goats have offspring, you can profit $200 per kid you sell.


Chickens are an unstoppable profit opportunity for many farmers. Eggs get consumed by a global demographic, making them one of the most desirable foods. Additionally, you can sell poultry from the chickens you raise, such as drumsticks, thighs, and breasts, for more significant profits. Lastly, having your chicken “locally produced” will increase its price tag.


For those who don’t know, bees are the building block for many favorite foods. Bees are precious to have and remain essential for desired produce. Bees create consumable and cosmetic products, such as wax-based skin care products like creams and lotions. Of course, bees create honey and help with pollen migration. Just make sure they have the necessary shelter and protection to thrive.


Not only are pigs incredibly smart, but they also make great farm animals. Breeding alone can profit from $1,500 to $2,000 per every 15 to 20 piglets you produce. Besides breeding, farmers can also profit from selling pork. So if you want a profitable animal with numerous avenues, pigs make a great choice.

Venturing into the farming industry doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Be smart about your livestock choices, and watch the profits quickly come in.

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