5 Major Benefits of Living in a Small Town

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From the charming residents to the slow-paced way of life, small towns offer a dream living situation for many. It’s no exaggeration when people tell you that living in a small town is a wonderful choice to make; however, if you’re on the fence about it, here are some major benefits of living in a small town.

Small town businesses are booming

When it comes to running a business in a huge city, the amount of competition, soaring cost of rent, and general stress can make it a nearly impossible endeavor. If you want to own a business or open a medical practice, but want to face minimal risk, working in a small town is the way to go. Dental practices are a great establishment to open in a small town, as they boast a high margin of profitability, an easy-going way of life, and top-notch loan repayment plans. For business owners, living and working in a small town is a no-brainer.

Forget about rush hour

Is there anything worse than heading home from a long day at work and immediately hitting bumper to bumper traffic? Once you move to a small town, those stressors will be a thing of the past. An often-overlooked benefit of living in a small town is the lack of traffic congestion. In a town small enough, you could even forgo driving to work all together and pick up the healthy habit of walking or biking most places.

Community bonding is a breeze

Do you wish you could be closer with your neighbors, but everyone sticks to themselves? This will no longer be a problem once you move to a small town. In a smaller community, residents are typically very friendly—you’ll find someone to chat with no matter where you go. For those that love to socialize and get to know others, small-town living is a dream come true.

Unique traditions are everywhere you look

Whether it’s a weekly Friday-night cookout for the whole town or a fascinating festival that has a long and illustrious history, traditions are huge in nearly every small town. These unique events help reinforce just how special life in a small town is, and it helps draw the community even closer together. Thanks to events like these, even newcomers will feel like seasoned residents in no time.

Cost of living is easy on your wallet

It’s no secret that living in a big city, while it has its conveniences, also comes with a steep price tag. From inflated food and gas prices to expensive rent, there are several financial strains city-goers have to account for. When you’re living in a small town, however, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in these expenses. From not having to heavily rely on gas to less expensive groceries and goods, life is simply more affordable in a small town.

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